Can't afford to keep CF? Need (or can offer) help?

Canaan is planning to try to coordinate a quiet little scholarship program for deserving members who are unable to get or renew ClubFoo. the object is to supply prepaid $25 6 month hitches to tide folks over. please bear in mind that this needs to be kept very discreet - please communicate here or through OneSwellFoop, do NOT use profile or gift messages or Meebo, as they are bugged, and for God's sake don't mention it on the Forums. if we don't rub their noses in this and embarrass them, the site management should have no reason to object to it.

if you or someone you know needs or can offer help, post here. if you are asking help for yourself (and that is perfectly fine), we do ask that you give us the names of a couple of established members who can give you a reference. if you can offer help, even in an amount less than a full membership, we will coordinate and match up donors and recipients via the Ways and Means Committee.

we do not know how many of these can be done, but will try to help as many as possible. please keep this as quiet and private as possible, not only to protect us from any reprisals from the site (though heaven knows why they'd mind), but to keep us from being inundated with requests we are unable to fill and causing disappointment and ill will.


we have set up a special email and password for joint use for the project - it is clickable at top right. when the time comes to fund an account in need, a specific time will be agreed on and communicated by gift message (the time ONLY, gift messages are NOT private from the site), and the person recieving the gift membership will change their login to this special email and password for that length of time, then change it back. The gifting member will use that logon to pay for the membership. this should both keep our profile low, and maintain security for all involved.

NOTE : comments/discussions of any given renewal are being deleted on completion, just in case "A"/"a" someone decides to peek...

those (much appreciated) members who wish to give aid can either do so directly - via PayPal only, please, again, for security purposes - or make a smaller contribution to a general kitty, again via PayPal, which allows money to be sent to other PayPal accounts with no fees, one of which will be made available for this purpose if and as needed.

Thank you all...and bless us, every one!